About Us

About Us

AddressBD  is envisaging empowers consumers in Bangladesh with more information on service delivery and service quality of different industries in Bangladesh. This is one aspect where consumers largely rely on friends or family-members, which often inefficient. Businesses also often lack customer feedback, which arguably improves business prospect.

Is there an easy way to channel customer feedback open to both consumers and businesses? AddressBD is here to help you. Our free service to consumer to where they can search for businesses, share their experience and post pictures of their visit so that other users can view the reviews and search for businesses as they need. Consumers can also utilize AddressBD as a directory to find products and services. They can also share a business profile with their friends. The overall goal of AddressBD is to digitalize Bangladesh and consumer in Bangladesh to inform and to be informed about services they receive.

AddressBD  is an unique business directory like Address bazar , Web Directory of Bangladesh , Bangladesh Yellow Pages, Bangladesh Business Directory. You will get all business address like Travel & Tourism, Shopping, Bank, and ATMs, almost everything.   


AddressBD is not only for Bangladesh. Now we are extended  our business address of India, USA,  China, Japan, UK also.

If you get5 any address is not available here please add that or inform us to add, it will help for others.